Happy Hours’ food

Our tartes flambées

(an Alsatian dish composed of bread dough rolled out very thin in the shape of a rectangle covered with sour cream, diced bacon and onions)

Tarte flambée (plain) 7,70€
Tarte flambée topped with cheese 8,00€
Tarte flambée with munster cheese 8,50€
Tarte flambée with salmon 8,50€
Tarte flambée with goat cheese 8,00€
Tarte flambée with roquefort cheese 8,50€
Tarte flambée with mushrooms 7,50€
Tarte flambée with goat cheese and honey 8,50€
Tarte flambée with mushrooms topped with cheese 8,50€
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Our pizzas

Vegetarian 8,50€
Margarita 8,50€
Pizza reine (tomatoes, ham, mozzarella) 8,50€
Oriental 9,00€
Pizza with salmon 9,00€
Pizza with ham and mushrooms 9,00€
Bolognese 9,00€
Pizza fermière (fresh cream, diced bacon, onions, mushrooms, eggs, mozzarella) 9,00€
Pizza with chorizo 9,00€
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Our burgers

Cheeseburger 4,50€
Double cheeseburger 6,50€
Triple cheeseburger 8,00€
Cheeseburger and chips 7,50€
Double cheeseburger and chips 9,50€
Triple cheeseburger and chips 11,00€
Cheeseburger and salad 7,50€
Cheeseburger and chorizo 5,00€
Hot dog 3,00€
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Our salads

Raw vegetables plate 8,50€
Alsatian salad 9,50€
Salad with warm goat cheese 9,50€
Salade Paysanne (with diced bacon, eggs, goat cheese, mushrooms) 10,00€
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Our desserts

Tarte flambée with apples and cinnamon 7,50€
Tarte flambée with bananas and chocolate 7,50€
Apple tart and whipped cream 2,60€
Warm apple tart with vanilla ice cream 4,00€
Lemon sorbet (served in a lemon) 4,00€
Orange sorbet (served in an orange) 4,00€
Ice cream cup (2 scoops) 3,00€
Ice cream cup (3 scoops) 4,00€
Banana Split 5,50€
Dame blanche (vanilla ice cream with warm Belgian chocolate sauce & freshly whipped cream) 4,50€
Chocolate fondant with custard cream 4,50€
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